Brexit Regrets-it


ClownHaving won the Brexit vote the people of Britain have inflicted upon themselves an ever expansive trauma; they’ve in fact lost essentially as well as substantially. It’s massive snow ball effect is now in motion and there seems to be no measure to size it up or to anchor and arrest this colossal commotion.

One source reports the Britons went crazy on google reading upon what EU actually is, and what catastrophes Brexit would precipitate.  Indicating that most of us opted out of EU without even rudimentarily calculating the implications, the impositions and what Brexit would precisely entail, let alone granting any humane  consideration or concern.

Some say with this inane pick, we have also lost the right to call the Americans oblivious and ignorant. Indeed, we have fought for the title hard and thick and along the way losing precious lives of worthy n principled politicians like jo cox, who in her own right was the progressive enlightened face of Britain. She fought at various social n political fronts for the betterment and reform of our policies and people. her efforts were philanthropic n humane. Instead of recognizing her endeavours, she was sentenced to be murdered in cold blood killing hope for any subsequent legacy of compassion with her. An achievement by deliberate design it, screams out to be. Not only that her contribution was unduly subjugated, nobody even seems to memorialize her struggle and sacrifice. Also, ending the career for the prime minister David Cameron, who being a sort of a dilatory bloomer, it seems, was plausibly looking to now reform and rid the tory party of its stiff draconian element under his project modernizing/liberalizing the conservative party moto.

Speaking of right wing agendas and unprogressive perspectives, when did we transmogrify from being multi-cultural multi-ethnic diverse and tolerant society to hidebound illiberal isolationists? This conversion has been astonishingly rapid n rudely abrupt. I do hope it is not a farce shroud we don and shed as and when the need necessitates?

The extent of this myopic partiality seems staunch n profound. So much so much so that we are feeling the jolt into our own internal liaisons. Not only that Scotland wants a second independence referendum, the EU itself is somewhat brooding to disintegrate. Indeed, we have achieved for Scottish separatist movement, what William Wallace would have liked to realize. The Scots are eager to collaborate with EU rather than shackle along with us and rightly so. We have proven to be vacuous, callous and unpredictable. now who would want to join a band of gullible as well as impetuous introverts?

Together with EU, we were in for tangible solid progress, while at the same time keeping our sovereignty fast n intact. instead and in spite we chose segregation and isolation neglecting that no man is an island. Bearing in mind that we neither cultivate, till nor extricate little or any natural raw or crude material for trade production and growth, but do have the experience and expertise to share from the times of our past eminence and glory. Allowing that our mutual give n take at this level was not sizeable yet there is no denying that we were valuable to the EU and vice versa.

The human resource which EU substituted will endure severe déficience singularly. Alas! we cannot retrace our steps, we cannot go back, the damage is done, the demons have won. The immediate aftermath is humongous – as we all know economy wise as well as a lot of otherwise. No need for alarm for the short term. US is here for rescue!

Naturally a decision/settlement of this capacity could not have been conspired without a disingenuous American ploy scenario in affect. Our economy, as well as status, in a 25-30 year short term span, will not only recover but also ameliorate and improve with this acquisitive US injection of funds/grants, only because they intend to employ us for their distorted exploits. As we all know, with America subsidizing our economy, it will be next to impossible for us to keep entirely autonomous and independent, resistant to the US orchestration.

Once America has its say in our affairs, it will be impossible to keep our stance in our internal affairs as well as external strategies, as is seen with regards to US intervention of other countries and their snavelled dilemmas. The main concern, however, should be when the US of A abandons and disowns us, as it always does to the nations it calls upon for her support.

Do we have a backup plan to fall back upon?? We lent an ear to the likes of Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson. We will now have to suffer its consequences. When a nation begins to heed n endorse to the likes of them it submits itself to doom. This time we have surrendered to undermine our state welfare system entirely. Of course, there will be no support for the NHS or any other welfare institution altogether.

It is a historical fact that as and when a nation declines, whatever the reason for the slump might be, it cripples the cultivation of its creative enterprise, vandalizing and tarnishing this institution altogether. It has no time, restrained with financial tether recuperating monetary erosion. We have been the centre for art, culture and enlightenment for centuries together, what will be the impact on that I shudder to envision.

In conclusion, the trio of Farage, Johnson and Trump is a hapless roar for ruination, a sure recipe for doom not just for the UK but for the entire world.

Here I would like to add that it is imperative to understand that today we identify ‘the trio’ as the Hieroglyphc right wing establishmentarians. Yet tomorrow these faces might be supplanted or be replaced. Nonetheless, the epicurean agenda remains constant as well as consistent with or without its servitoral hirelings. Sequestering back to our topic, fancy what shambles will we be in, in about 30-year time? Only left reminiscing our former glory. Welcome to the dawn of a new era, which will make Britain, I hate to vociferate, not so great anymore.




donald trump sI was in two minds whether to write a piece in the face of such deep adversity from western media. Me being disillusioned and disheartened, felt utterly helpless, curbed and arrested to resume my wonted oeuvre. But this crime was too atrocious, too abhorrent, too abominable for me not to lash out at.

Yes, I stand to denounce and reject this heinous, ghastly unpardonable act, this alarmingly malicious performance by Matin the moronic maniac.  Who, being a deranged homophobic, conveniently felt vindicated to execute this monstrous butchery of 49 law abiding peaceful citizens. What’s frightfully sad and frustrating is that this could have been easily prevented. When will the so called US administration, the ostensible command, learn?

Since it was ascertained by FBI in 2013 that Matin was not even inclined to be a ‘jihadist’ (which in itself is a relative term). Erst the authorities had discovered that this individual was unstable and precarious should they not have probed him for insanity? Or is it that after 9-11 people have decided not to go crazy. if you come across someone dubious or volatile, can it only be a ‘jihadist’ and not a mean old case of psychiatry?  Why is it that having a Muslim name itself is a stamp for being ambiguous and tricky? Can’t an average random American named Matin, Salman or Osama be a case of lunacy just like any other Tom, Dick or Harry’s might be?

What trumps it all is that once the FBI deduced that this loony crack had unorthodox practices, he was automatically on the leverage to not only hold and use weapons, but he was also deemed fit enough to work as a guard at local court buildings!! To employ and authorize a madman to protect and defend, because he is an apostate?? Why turning into a renegade is the only credential a lunatic need to possess arms and ammunition?? Seems highly ill-judged and imprudent. Is it imprudence? Withal, I beg to differ! Tis a prudence of another kind.

The US establishment’s discretion on various issues, including this category, is guided, or misguided, upon approximating and fantasizing on a starkly misplaced, ill-judged notion of procuring reward n benefit, which of course is a total mirage. It is an utter delusion, as it never pays to back a bully, who also happens to be illegitimate and fraudulent within most of its claims. It is indeed a blunder emulating blindly the conceited, whimsical whim whams of the supercilious contraband, obeying their verboten, their diktat? Isn’t the ‘office in semblance’ seasoned or habile enough to perceive, deduct and conclude, the implications and repercussions of staging such faulty predisposed performances? The faux establishment needs to come out of its gullibility, its self-imposed ignorance. Else it will only lead to U.S of A, losing its cogency, credibility as well as its efficacy.
Today, 4 categories of gun control measures were audaciously rejected during a mainly partisan voting in America. The question lingers, when and who will address the impenetrable gun laws?? Let’s take a wild guess. Never! No one ever will! Weapons will be toyed with at the expense of loss of innocent lives. It suits the weapon manufacturers, the elite, the A-listers, the controlling mafia and all. There will always be a shroud ready by the establishment to cover up, shift and build the fictitious blame game.
Does the US not realize that with greater power comes greater responsibility? being a great nation that it is, America cannot afford this dim-witted, irresponsible absurdity, at this juncture or any.

Talking of irresponsibility one can’t resist thinking of Donald Trump. His reckless designs and flighty statements makes him the new face of fascism. The portrayal from the media of the magnitude of acceptance and forbearance for his despotic and tyrannical schemes is astonishing as well as disappointing. The popularity and approval he enjoys is a clear indication that the ‘cognoscenti’ is bent upon sitting him on the throne. What consequences Donald’s election bear for the rest of us, I shudder to envisage.
The world should stay ready to welcome the brand new, only this time an all-American Hitler.

Mr. Right

khAsifI strongly feel that it just isn’t right to persecute Khawaja Asif for his perfectly legitimate remarks about a fellow female work colleague. I believe he is authorized and justified for having the opinions that he has and I applaud him for retaining that raw bluntness, that crude savagery. Even now when he is required to subdue his true nature; and that, not because it’s a prerequisite to enter politics, parliament, or for the pretense to appear urbane, he remains most resolute, adamant and obstinate to adhere to his unscrupulous brutishness. Is it courage or plain old obstreperous audacity?

Acknowledging that he isn’t exactly, pious, or a devout Muslim, recapitulating his performance past. He has no reference or source to derive his ethics and morels from; thus his remarks are haste, his conduct unruly, and he fails to deliver his undertakings, liabilities and duties towards the nation. Each time and every time. Granting that he isn’t exactly religiously inclined, his set of values should have been observed, fostered, cultivated and then eventually monitored by the western directive clout.

I mean it isn’t his fault entirely for being a scoundrel, the autarchic permits and promotes his misappropriation, plunder and incompetence, yet has no control or interest to tame his brash nature?

Conceding that comparatively western values aren’t that strong on women’s rights, respect an honour, yet orchestrating those would be a step up from Khawaja Asif’s unrefined tacky impertinence.

Why is it that the supreme command sponsors larceny yet it won’t equip or substantiate its liegeman its ethos? or perhaps that has been the scheme all along. let the rulers of Pakistan be subservient, corrupt, treacherous and barbarous.


Nawaz Sharif, the leader of Pakistan Muslim League - Nawaz (PML-N) points as he speaks to foreign reporters at his residence in LahoreYes! Mr. Prime Minister, his family, and his entire entourage, are nothing but a bunch of common thugs glorified and unduly venerated by other common ruffians, the entire gaggle; exploiting, carte blanching through endorsed despotism. The big question screams out; By WHOSE SANCTION? And WHY??


We all know of their crimes olden and their perspective misdeeds, their aptitude and appetite towards misdemeanour and transgression, reiterating violations bygone. without tweaking into these valid and legitimate smidgens, I ask again, WHY? The hegemony the “command post”, be it “the establishment”, intelligentsia, bureaucracy, opposition or the public. Suss it LOUD AND CLEAR. None of your respective raison d’etre validates the expositions of this punt. Be your intentions meritorious or self-serving, make no mistake.

NO, CPEC’s success does not entirely depend upon Nawaz’s regime, on the contrary the establishment should not forget his personal terms and business interests welded firmly with neighbouring leader as well as with India, with or without Modi.

NO, addressing terrorism yields no profit or bunce thus attract no concern or consideration from these louts, the intelligentsia, at least, should retaliate rather than substantiate this felonious apparatus.

Predatory and self-indulgent bureaucracy please observe that this government has an insatiable hunger, an unappeasable lechery for the dough; NO, do not anticipate that they are in any humour to bifurcate or allot any of the loot to you.

The tandem of the combined opposition, the upright and the equally unscrupulous, both your respective illusions to preserve decorum in order to stabilize democracy or the mirage that these touts will ever grant or approbate the booty, NO, toss the fantasy, will o the wisp.

Lastly, the gullible, the grubby, the dense, the dim, the inept public; end the delusions, quit the stupor. NO this is not democracy, this is hypocrisy, deceit incarnate, the yeggs are here to plunder what is rightfully yours, they have robbed you of your hospitals, schools, food, water, dignity anything and everything. These barbarians will never extend economic, or any other kind of relief to you…ever! Conclusively, these corroborations are flawed. Stop these erroneous deliriums. Like the noon league it’ll serve you ill.

We our heroes

I often hear people complain, peers and youth alike “there is a dearth of National heroes for us”

Is that really the case? Is there really no one we can look unto for inspiration, motivation, perspective or simply to respect?

heroOur politicians disappoint us, we have no leaders or figureheads, most sports men are unworthy, actors lack lustre, writers and poets we are producing none, the ones we already have we wrongly hold obsolete just because we don’t possess enough intellect to comprehend, identify, or fathom their corpus, we lack the ability to pith or nub their core, their substance. Artists we had great but select few, however no one to comprehend or appreciate the stature of their oeuvre.

Now this puts us in a very unpromising, pitiful state. This makes us a people with no history, no culture, no grounding, no background thus no one to look upto. Which in turn tantamount to us being utter brutes; uncultured, uncivilised, inhumane fiends and what not. But is that the real truth? Does make one wonder?

It is true that we are dying, dying as a nation, as a civilization. Our history is dying, our present is dead and as a result our future seems bleak. We are sunk, sunk in deep dark cold depths of our own ignorance. Another more condemnatory and regretful truth is that it is our own fault, our own doing, our own decision to push ourselves back into the dark ages. We have sunk to being

What’s not true is that we have any scarcity of legendary icons of astronomically gigantic stature who executed monumental efforts not only to revolutionize and reform their coeval compeer, but who also instituted a precedence for posterity, for us. Either for reorientation and to mend our ways today, or whenever we might require to in the future. Otherwise simply to idealize. Any nation, prominent n noteworthy in any shape or form has its paladins past. As far as any measure of apotheosis might go, our luminaries surpass any in stature and merit.

In this time of mayhem and chaos we need to hold on to the prowess that once was and to retain the essence of what we were, for revival.. to prevail.

Learn, probe, explore about ‘’your own” heros. Seven seas wouldn’t suffice to encompass either the magnitude of their endeavours nor the sustainability or eulogy of their accomplishments, their genius

Each panjandrum in their own right is imbued with abundant multifaceted diverse, aptitude abilities and expertise. Here is a brief list of some eminent notables from this region for your consideration. Lets realize and re-establish our concepts and notions about our own history our own ideals, only for our own reform our own betterment.


  1. Sher Shah Suri 1486-1545
  2. Aurangzeb Alamgir 1618-1707,
  3. Shah Waliullah 1703-1762,
  4. Hafiz Rahmat Khan 1723-1724,
  5. Siraj ud Daulah 1733-1757,
  6. Najib ad Dawlah 1 730s-1774,
  7. Tipu Sultan 1750-1799,
  8. Mir Taqi Mir 1723-1810,
  9. Syed Ahmad Shaheed 1786-1831,
  10. Shah Ismail Shaheed 1779-1831,
  11. Mirza Ghalib 1797-1869,
  12. Momin Khan Momin 1800-1851,
  13. Mir Anis 1803-1874,
  14. Mirza Dabeer 1803-1875,
  15. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan 1817-1898,
  16. Mohsin ul Mulk 1837-1907,
  17. Altaf Hussain Hali 1837-1914,
  18. Waqar ul Mulk 1841-1917,
  19. Justice Amir Ali 1849-1928,
  20. Dr Abdul Haq 1872-1961,
  21. Maulana Zafar Ali Khan 1873-1956,
  22. Allama Iqbal 1877-1938,
  23. Sir Sultan Mohammad Shah Aga Khan iii 1877- 1957,
  24. Maulana Mohammad Ali Jauhar 1878-1931,
  25. Maulana Hasrat Mohani 1875-1951,
  26. Mohammad Ali Jinnah 1876-1948,
  27. Dr Sir Ziauddin Ahmad 1878-1947,
  28. Nawab Ismail Khan 1884-1958,
  29. Bahadur Yar Jung 1905-1944.

Even though majority of the celebutantes are not included in this list regrettably, but study any five from this incomplete list and realize the calibre that once was. Then refine, advance, progress, exceed, excel.