Nawaz Sharif, the leader of Pakistan Muslim League - Nawaz (PML-N) points as he speaks to foreign reporters at his residence in LahoreYes! Mr. Prime Minister, his family, and his entire entourage, are nothing but a bunch of common thugs glorified and unduly venerated by other common ruffians, the entire gaggle; exploiting, carte blanching through endorsed despotism. The big question screams out; By WHOSE SANCTION? And WHY??


We all know of their crimes olden and their perspective misdeeds, their aptitude and appetite towards misdemeanour and transgression, reiterating violations bygone. without tweaking into these valid and legitimate smidgens, I ask again, WHY? The hegemony the “command post”, be it “the establishment”, intelligentsia, bureaucracy, opposition or the public. Suss it LOUD AND CLEAR. None of your respective raison d’etre validates the expositions of this punt. Be your intentions meritorious or self-serving, make no mistake.

NO, CPEC’s success does not entirely depend upon Nawaz’s regime, on the contrary the establishment should not forget his personal terms and business interests welded firmly with neighbouring leader as well as with India, with or without Modi.

NO, addressing terrorism yields no profit or bunce thus attract no concern or consideration from these louts, the intelligentsia, at least, should retaliate rather than substantiate this felonious apparatus.

Predatory and self-indulgent bureaucracy please observe that this government has an insatiable hunger, an unappeasable lechery for the dough; NO, do not anticipate that they are in any humour to bifurcate or allot any of the loot to you.

The tandem of the combined opposition, the upright and the equally unscrupulous, both your respective illusions to preserve decorum in order to stabilize democracy or the mirage that these touts will ever grant or approbate the booty, NO, toss the fantasy, will o the wisp.

Lastly, the gullible, the grubby, the dense, the dim, the inept public; end the delusions, quit the stupor. NO this is not democracy, this is hypocrisy, deceit incarnate, the yeggs are here to plunder what is rightfully yours, they have robbed you of your hospitals, schools, food, water, dignity anything and everything. These barbarians will never extend economic, or any other kind of relief to you…ever! Conclusively, these corroborations are flawed. Stop these erroneous deliriums. Like the noon league it’ll serve you ill.



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