We our heroes

I often hear people complain, peers and youth alike “there is a dearth of National heroes for us”

Is that really the case? Is there really no one we can look unto for inspiration, motivation, perspective or simply to respect?

heroOur politicians disappoint us, we have no leaders or figureheads, most sports men are unworthy, actors lack lustre, writers and poets we are producing none, the ones we already have we wrongly hold obsolete just because we don’t possess enough intellect to comprehend, identify, or fathom their corpus, we lack the ability to pith or nub their core, their substance. Artists we had great but select few, however no one to comprehend or appreciate the stature of their oeuvre.

Now this puts us in a very unpromising, pitiful state. This makes us a people with no history, no culture, no grounding, no background thus no one to look upto. Which in turn tantamount to us being utter brutes; uncultured, uncivilised, inhumane fiends and what not. But is that the real truth? Does make one wonder?

It is true that we are dying, dying as a nation, as a civilization. Our history is dying, our present is dead and as a result our future seems bleak. We are sunk, sunk in deep dark cold depths of our own ignorance. Another more condemnatory and regretful truth is that it is our own fault, our own doing, our own decision to push ourselves back into the dark ages. We have sunk to being

What’s not true is that we have any scarcity of legendary icons of astronomically gigantic stature who executed monumental efforts not only to revolutionize and reform their coeval compeer, but who also instituted a precedence for posterity, for us. Either for reorientation and to mend our ways today, or whenever we might require to in the future. Otherwise simply to idealize. Any nation, prominent n noteworthy in any shape or form has its paladins past. As far as any measure of apotheosis might go, our luminaries surpass any in stature and merit.

In this time of mayhem and chaos we need to hold on to the prowess that once was and to retain the essence of what we were, for revival.. to prevail.

Learn, probe, explore about ‘’your own” heros. Seven seas wouldn’t suffice to encompass either the magnitude of their endeavours nor the sustainability or eulogy of their accomplishments, their genius

Each panjandrum in their own right is imbued with abundant multifaceted diverse, aptitude abilities and expertise. Here is a brief list of some eminent notables from this region for your consideration. Lets realize and re-establish our concepts and notions about our own history our own ideals, only for our own reform our own betterment.


  1. Sher Shah Suri 1486-1545
  2. Aurangzeb Alamgir 1618-1707,
  3. Shah Waliullah 1703-1762,
  4. Hafiz Rahmat Khan 1723-1724,
  5. Siraj ud Daulah 1733-1757,
  6. Najib ad Dawlah 1 730s-1774,
  7. Tipu Sultan 1750-1799,
  8. Mir Taqi Mir 1723-1810,
  9. Syed Ahmad Shaheed 1786-1831,
  10. Shah Ismail Shaheed 1779-1831,
  11. Mirza Ghalib 1797-1869,
  12. Momin Khan Momin 1800-1851,
  13. Mir Anis 1803-1874,
  14. Mirza Dabeer 1803-1875,
  15. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan 1817-1898,
  16. Mohsin ul Mulk 1837-1907,
  17. Altaf Hussain Hali 1837-1914,
  18. Waqar ul Mulk 1841-1917,
  19. Justice Amir Ali 1849-1928,
  20. Dr Abdul Haq 1872-1961,
  21. Maulana Zafar Ali Khan 1873-1956,
  22. Allama Iqbal 1877-1938,
  23. Sir Sultan Mohammad Shah Aga Khan iii 1877- 1957,
  24. Maulana Mohammad Ali Jauhar 1878-1931,
  25. Maulana Hasrat Mohani 1875-1951,
  26. Mohammad Ali Jinnah 1876-1948,
  27. Dr Sir Ziauddin Ahmad 1878-1947,
  28. Nawab Ismail Khan 1884-1958,
  29. Bahadur Yar Jung 1905-1944.

Even though majority of the celebutantes are not included in this list regrettably, but study any five from this incomplete list and realize the calibre that once was. Then refine, advance, progress, exceed, excel.


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