Mr. Right

khAsifI strongly feel that it just isn’t right to persecute Khawaja Asif for his perfectly legitimate remarks about a fellow female work colleague. I believe he is authorized and justified for having the opinions that he has and I applaud him for retaining that raw bluntness, that crude savagery. Even now when he is required to subdue his true nature; and that, not because it’s a prerequisite to enter politics, parliament, or for the pretense to appear urbane, he remains most resolute, adamant and obstinate to adhere to his unscrupulous brutishness. Is it courage or plain old obstreperous audacity?

Acknowledging that he isn’t exactly, pious, or a devout Muslim, recapitulating his performance past. He has no reference or source to derive his ethics and morels from; thus his remarks are haste, his conduct unruly, and he fails to deliver his undertakings, liabilities and duties towards the nation. Each time and every time. Granting that he isn’t exactly religiously inclined, his set of values should have been observed, fostered, cultivated and then eventually monitored by the western directive clout.

I mean it isn’t his fault entirely for being a scoundrel, the autarchic permits and promotes his misappropriation, plunder and incompetence, yet has no control or interest to tame his brash nature?

Conceding that comparatively western values aren’t that strong on women’s rights, respect an honour, yet orchestrating those would be a step up from Khawaja Asif’s unrefined tacky impertinence.

Why is it that the supreme command sponsors larceny yet it won’t equip or substantiate its liegeman its ethos? or perhaps that has been the scheme all along. let the rulers of Pakistan be subservient, corrupt, treacherous and barbarous.


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