donald trump sI was in two minds whether to write a piece in the face of such deep adversity from western media. Me being disillusioned and disheartened, felt utterly helpless, curbed and arrested to resume my wonted oeuvre. But this crime was too atrocious, too abhorrent, too abominable for me not to lash out at.

Yes, I stand to denounce and reject this heinous, ghastly unpardonable act, this alarmingly malicious performance by Matin the moronic maniac.  Who, being a deranged homophobic, conveniently felt vindicated to execute this monstrous butchery of 49 law abiding peaceful citizens. What’s frightfully sad and frustrating is that this could have been easily prevented. When will the so called US administration, the ostensible command, learn?

Since it was ascertained by FBI in 2013 that Matin was not even inclined to be a ‘jihadist’ (which in itself is a relative term). Erst the authorities had discovered that this individual was unstable and precarious should they not have probed him for insanity? Or is it that after 9-11 people have decided not to go crazy. if you come across someone dubious or volatile, can it only be a ‘jihadist’ and not a mean old case of psychiatry?  Why is it that having a Muslim name itself is a stamp for being ambiguous and tricky? Can’t an average random American named Matin, Salman or Osama be a case of lunacy just like any other Tom, Dick or Harry’s might be?

What trumps it all is that once the FBI deduced that this loony crack had unorthodox practices, he was automatically on the leverage to not only hold and use weapons, but he was also deemed fit enough to work as a guard at local court buildings!! To employ and authorize a madman to protect and defend, because he is an apostate?? Why turning into a renegade is the only credential a lunatic need to possess arms and ammunition?? Seems highly ill-judged and imprudent. Is it imprudence? Withal, I beg to differ! Tis a prudence of another kind.

The US establishment’s discretion on various issues, including this category, is guided, or misguided, upon approximating and fantasizing on a starkly misplaced, ill-judged notion of procuring reward n benefit, which of course is a total mirage. It is an utter delusion, as it never pays to back a bully, who also happens to be illegitimate and fraudulent within most of its claims. It is indeed a blunder emulating blindly the conceited, whimsical whim whams of the supercilious contraband, obeying their verboten, their diktat? Isn’t the ‘office in semblance’ seasoned or habile enough to perceive, deduct and conclude, the implications and repercussions of staging such faulty predisposed performances? The faux establishment needs to come out of its gullibility, its self-imposed ignorance. Else it will only lead to U.S of A, losing its cogency, credibility as well as its efficacy.
Today, 4 categories of gun control measures were audaciously rejected during a mainly partisan voting in America. The question lingers, when and who will address the impenetrable gun laws?? Let’s take a wild guess. Never! No one ever will! Weapons will be toyed with at the expense of loss of innocent lives. It suits the weapon manufacturers, the elite, the A-listers, the controlling mafia and all. There will always be a shroud ready by the establishment to cover up, shift and build the fictitious blame game.
Does the US not realize that with greater power comes greater responsibility? being a great nation that it is, America cannot afford this dim-witted, irresponsible absurdity, at this juncture or any.

Talking of irresponsibility one can’t resist thinking of Donald Trump. His reckless designs and flighty statements makes him the new face of fascism. The portrayal from the media of the magnitude of acceptance and forbearance for his despotic and tyrannical schemes is astonishing as well as disappointing. The popularity and approval he enjoys is a clear indication that the ‘cognoscenti’ is bent upon sitting him on the throne. What consequences Donald’s election bear for the rest of us, I shudder to envisage.
The world should stay ready to welcome the brand new, only this time an all-American Hitler.


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