Brexit Regrets-it


ClownHaving won the Brexit vote the people of Britain have inflicted upon themselves an ever expansive trauma; they’ve in fact lost essentially as well as substantially. It’s massive snow ball effect is now in motion and there seems to be no measure to size it up or to anchor and arrest this colossal commotion.

One source reports the Britons went crazy on google reading upon what EU actually is, and what catastrophes Brexit would precipitate.  Indicating that most of us opted out of EU without even rudimentarily calculating the implications, the impositions and what Brexit would precisely entail, let alone granting any humane  consideration or concern.

Some say with this inane pick, we have also lost the right to call the Americans oblivious and ignorant. Indeed, we have fought for the title hard and thick and along the way losing precious lives of worthy n principled politicians like jo cox, who in her own right was the progressive enlightened face of Britain. She fought at various social n political fronts for the betterment and reform of our policies and people. her efforts were philanthropic n humane. Instead of recognizing her endeavours, she was sentenced to be murdered in cold blood killing hope for any subsequent legacy of compassion with her. An achievement by deliberate design it, screams out to be. Not only that her contribution was unduly subjugated, nobody even seems to memorialize her struggle and sacrifice. Also, ending the career for the prime minister David Cameron, who being a sort of a dilatory bloomer, it seems, was plausibly looking to now reform and rid the tory party of its stiff draconian element under his project modernizing/liberalizing the conservative party moto.

Speaking of right wing agendas and unprogressive perspectives, when did we transmogrify from being multi-cultural multi-ethnic diverse and tolerant society to hidebound illiberal isolationists? This conversion has been astonishingly rapid n rudely abrupt. I do hope it is not a farce shroud we don and shed as and when the need necessitates?

The extent of this myopic partiality seems staunch n profound. So much so much so that we are feeling the jolt into our own internal liaisons. Not only that Scotland wants a second independence referendum, the EU itself is somewhat brooding to disintegrate. Indeed, we have achieved for Scottish separatist movement, what William Wallace would have liked to realize. The Scots are eager to collaborate with EU rather than shackle along with us and rightly so. We have proven to be vacuous, callous and unpredictable. now who would want to join a band of gullible as well as impetuous introverts?

Together with EU, we were in for tangible solid progress, while at the same time keeping our sovereignty fast n intact. instead and in spite we chose segregation and isolation neglecting that no man is an island. Bearing in mind that we neither cultivate, till nor extricate little or any natural raw or crude material for trade production and growth, but do have the experience and expertise to share from the times of our past eminence and glory. Allowing that our mutual give n take at this level was not sizeable yet there is no denying that we were valuable to the EU and vice versa.

The human resource which EU substituted will endure severe déficience singularly. Alas! we cannot retrace our steps, we cannot go back, the damage is done, the demons have won. The immediate aftermath is humongous – as we all know economy wise as well as a lot of otherwise. No need for alarm for the short term. US is here for rescue!

Naturally a decision/settlement of this capacity could not have been conspired without a disingenuous American ploy scenario in affect. Our economy, as well as status, in a 25-30 year short term span, will not only recover but also ameliorate and improve with this acquisitive US injection of funds/grants, only because they intend to employ us for their distorted exploits. As we all know, with America subsidizing our economy, it will be next to impossible for us to keep entirely autonomous and independent, resistant to the US orchestration.

Once America has its say in our affairs, it will be impossible to keep our stance in our internal affairs as well as external strategies, as is seen with regards to US intervention of other countries and their snavelled dilemmas. The main concern, however, should be when the US of A abandons and disowns us, as it always does to the nations it calls upon for her support.

Do we have a backup plan to fall back upon?? We lent an ear to the likes of Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson. We will now have to suffer its consequences. When a nation begins to heed n endorse to the likes of them it submits itself to doom. This time we have surrendered to undermine our state welfare system entirely. Of course, there will be no support for the NHS or any other welfare institution altogether.

It is a historical fact that as and when a nation declines, whatever the reason for the slump might be, it cripples the cultivation of its creative enterprise, vandalizing and tarnishing this institution altogether. It has no time, restrained with financial tether recuperating monetary erosion. We have been the centre for art, culture and enlightenment for centuries together, what will be the impact on that I shudder to envision.

In conclusion, the trio of Farage, Johnson and Trump is a hapless roar for ruination, a sure recipe for doom not just for the UK but for the entire world.

Here I would like to add that it is imperative to understand that today we identify ‘the trio’ as the Hieroglyphc right wing establishmentarians. Yet tomorrow these faces might be supplanted or be replaced. Nonetheless, the epicurean agenda remains constant as well as consistent with or without its servitoral hirelings. Sequestering back to our topic, fancy what shambles will we be in, in about 30-year time? Only left reminiscing our former glory. Welcome to the dawn of a new era, which will make Britain, I hate to vociferate, not so great anymore.



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